Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

CYPE has BIM solutions for professionals in a wide range of areas. The group of applications includes tools that make everyday work easier for any specialist in BIM. Select the group of applications that best suits your needs and find out more below:


How can I buy CYPE software?

  1. Acquiring a PERPETUAL LICENSE via these 4 means:

    • Online at the CYPE web Store.
    • From authorised dealers near your location.
    • By contacting CYPE and your assigned sales consultant.
    • At the platform Store.

    How can I keep my perpetual license up to date?

    • When purchasing, you can acquire a Maintenance agreement. CYPE After-sales Service, which allows you to obtain your licence as though it had just been purchased, although this can also be done at a later date.
    • At any time by requesting an update of your license.

    You can request the update by the same means as indicated in point 1 above.

    How can I extend my license to other modules or programs?

    By the same means indicated when it was purchased. The licence will have to be updated at the same time as it is extended.

  2. By SUBSCRIPTION, for the products indicated for this modality.
  3. Is there a subscription with an option to purchase a perpetual license?

    Yes, the subscription can be changed into a perpetual license at any time. 50% of the amount paid for the subscription will be deducted from the price of the perpetual license. This discount cannot exceed 50% of the current price of the license. (This promotion cannot be combined with other offers).

    How can I purchase a CYPE subscription?




    1-year subscription 6-month subscription 3-month subscription


  Structures Group 2,399.20 € Acquire Structures Group here 1,799.40 € Acquire Structures Group here 1,199.60 € Acquire Structures Group here
  CYPE Connect (Steel&Timber) 2,200.00 € Acquire CYPE Connect (Steel&Timber) here 1,650.00 € Acquire CYPE Connect (Steel&Timber) here 1,100.00 € Acquire CYPE Connect (Steel&Timber) here
  Project Management Group 999.20 € Acquire Project Management Group here 749.40 € Acquire Project Management Group here 499.60 € Acquire Project Management Group here
  MEP Group 2,799.20 € Acquire MEP Group here 2,099.40 € Acquire MEP Group here 1,399.60 € Acquire MEP Group here
  Structures Group + MEP Group + Project Management Group 3,999.20 € Acquire Structures Group + MEP Group + Project Management Group here 2,999.40 € Acquire Structures Group + MEP Group + Project Management Group here 1,999.60 € Acquire Structures Group + MEP Group + Project Management Group here
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