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CYPE programs have a wide range of national and international codes available which are applied to carry out the analysis, design and check of reinforced concrete, rolled steel, welded steel, cold-formed steel, composite, aluminium and timber structures for gravitational, wind, seismic and snow loads.

CYPE's building services programs contain design codes which are used to analyse and design building services (water supply, waste water, air conditioning, solar capture for hot sanitary water, lightning protection, lighting, gas, electricity and telecommunication installations), and to check thermal and acoustic insulation, the building's energy certification and fire safety.

Amongst the codes contemplated in CYPE software are codes currently in force, and those which a no longer in use but are still required, either to check structures which were designed when they could be applied, or because they are still applicable in countries other than those of their origin.

Depending on the country where the user acquires the license (or where he/she specifically chooses to acquire it), only the design codes corresponding to that country will be activated for each program, regardless of the language in which it is installed.

The design codes and programs corresponding to other countries, which are not included in the user license, can be acquired separately. Please contact us for more information.

  Price   Order
CYPETHERM Improvements 180 €   Buy CYPETHERM Improvements here
CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems 588 €   Buy CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems here
CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems 588 €   Buy CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems here
CYPELUX EN 198 €  
CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems 588 €   Buy CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems here
AcouBAT by CYPE 2.600 €   Buy AcouBAT by CYPE
CYPECAD base 589 €    
Concrete columns 359.00 €    
Generic material and generic section supports,
and reinforced concrete supports with generic sections
359.00 €    
Concrete beams 359.00 €    
Timber joist floor slabs 359.00 €    
Timber sections 179.00 €    
Steel columns 359.00 €    
Steel beams 359.00 €    
Joints I. Welded. Warehouses with rolled and welded steel I sections 588.00 €    
Joints II. Bolted. Warehouses with rolled and welded steel I sections 588.00 €    
Joints III. Welded. Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections 588.00 €    
Joints IV. Bolted. Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections 588.00 €    
Joints V. Flat trusses with hollow structural sections 588.00 €    
Joist floor slabs (generic concrete joists) 359.00 €    
Joist floor slabs (in-situ, precast and steel) 359.00 €    
Waffle slabs 359.00 €    
Flat slabs 359.00 €    
Punching shear verification (Also operates as an independent program) 359.00 €    
Composite slabs 359.00 €    
Hollow core slabs 359.00 €    
Post-tensioned concrete slabs for buildings 359.00 €    
Post-tensioned waffle and joist floor slabs 359.00 €    
Shear walls 359.00 €    
Reinforced concrete walls 359.00 €    
Plane stress walls 359.00 €    
Stairs 359.00 €    
Mat foundations and foundation beams 359.00 €    
Concrete block walls 359.00 €    
Pile caps (includes strap and tie beams) 248.00 €    
Footings (pad and strip) (includes strap and tie beams) 248.00 €    
Baseplates 179.00 €    
Advanced design of surface foundations 359.00 €    
Automatic job introduction: DXF, DWG and CAD/BIM models 359.00 €    
Fire resistance check 359.00 €    
Interaction of the structure with the construction elements 359.00 €    
Parallel analysis with two processors 179.00 €    
Parallel analysis with up to eight processors 359.00 €    
Collective protection systems 359.00 €    
Soil-structure interaction (footings and pile caps) 359.00 €    
1,500.00 €    
1,500.00 €    
CYPE 3D 830 €    
Portal frame generator 359 €    
248 €    
248 €    
179 €    
179 €    
588 €    
588 €    
588 €    
588 €    
588 €    
359 €    
359 €    
359 €    
179 €    
359 €    
1,500 €    
1,500 €    
CYPE 3D complete (does not include Export to Tekla and Export to TecnoMETAL modules) 2,498 €   Buy CYPE 3D Complete here
Continuous concrete beams 359 €  
Continuous steel beams 359 €  
Continuous foundation beams 359 €  
Punching shear verification (Also operates as a module of CYPECAD) 359 €   Buy Punching shear verification here
Reinforced concrete cantilever walls 588 €    
294 €    
Embedded retaining walls 588 €    
294 €    
588 €    
588 €    
Soil retention elements (complete) 1,598 €   Buy Soil retention elements here
Box culverts 1,198 €   Buy Box culverts here
Air conditioning 2,248 €   Buy Air conditioning here
Acoustic insulation in accordance with EN 12354 (ISO 15712) 488 €   Buy Acoustic insulation in accordance with EN 12354 (ISO 15712) here
Fire. Dynamic fire simulation using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) 588 €   Dynamic fire simulation using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)
CYPECAD MEP modules:      
359 €   Import of CAD/BIM model
360 €   Buy CYPETHERM BRIDGES here
Arquimedes 119 €   Buy Arquimedes here
Arquimedes and Job Control 535 €   Buy Arquimedes here
398 €   Buy Purchase management
119 €   Buy Purchase management
179€   Buy Automatic quantity import from drawings and link with CAD programs
119€   Buy BOQ Consolidation
Arquimedes and Job Control (Includes Arquimedes and Job Control, Purchase management, Arquimedes Server, BOQ Consolidation and Automatic quantity import from drawings and link with CAD programs) 998 €   Buy Arquimedes and Job Control complete
StruBIM Analysis     Acquire StruBIM Analysis here
StruBIM Design     StruBIM Design download and purchase
StruBIM Foundations     StruBIM Foundations download and purchase
StruBIM Embedded Walls     StruBIM Embedded Walls download and purchase
StruBIM Shear Walls     StruBIM Shear Walls download and purchase
CYPE Connect Steel     CYPE Connect Steel download and purchase
StruBIM Steel (Free Launch Edition)     StruBIM Steel (Free Launch Edition) download and purchase
StruBIM Rebar     StruBIM Rebar download and purchase
StruBIM Uploader     StruBIM Uploader download and purchase
StruBIM Anchors ACI 318     StruBIM Anchors ACI 318 download and purchase
OpenSees. StruBIM Analysis Engine     OpenSees download and purchase
Project Management
Open BIM Cost Estimator     Download Open BIM Cost Estimator here
Open BIM Quantities     Download Open BIM Quantities here
Open BIM Health and Safety     Download Open BIM Health and safety here
Architectural Group
CYPE Architecture     Download CYPE Architecture here
Open BIM Site New!     Download and purchase Open BIM Site here
Open BIM Layout     Download and purchase Open BIM Layout here
Open BIM Model Checker     Download IFC Uploader here
Open BIM COVID-19     Download Open BIM COVID-19 here
IFC Uploader     Download IFC Uploader here
Open BIM Construction Systems     Open BIM Construction Systems download and purchase
Open BIM Analytical Model     Open BIM Analytical Model
Open BIM Carpentry     Download Open BIM Carpentry here
Open BIM Residential Furniture     Download Open BIM Residential Furniture here
Open BIM Office Furniture     Download Open BIM Office Furniture here
Open BIM Suspended ceilings     Download Open BIM Suspended ceilings here
KROQI 2 BIMserver     Download here
BIMEO2BIMserver     Download BIMEO2BIMserver here
IFC Builder     Download and purchase IFC Builder here
Plugin Open BIM - Revit     Download and purchase Plugin Open BIM - Revit here
HVAC Systems
CYPEHVAC Hydronics     Download and purchase CYPEHVAC Hydronics here
CYPEHVAC Ductwork     Download and purchase CYPEHVAC Ductwork here
CYPEHVAC Radiant Floor     Download and purchase CYPEHVAC Radiant floor here
CYPETHERM Improvements Plus     Download and purchase CYPETHERM Improvements Plus here
CYPEHVAC Schematics     Download and purchase CYPEHVAC Schematics here
Plumbing and Wastewater
CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems     CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems download and purchase
CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems     CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems download and purchase
CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems     Download and purchase CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems here
Open BIM Water Equipment     Download Open BIM Water Equipment here
CYPEPLUMBING Schematic diagrams     Download and purchase CYPEPLUMBING Schematic diagrams here
Lighting Systems
Fire Safey
CYPEFIRE Design     Download and purchase CYPEFIRE Design here
CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems    
CYPEFIRE FDS     Download and purchase CYPEFIRE FDS here
CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems     Download and purchase CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems here
CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer     Download and purchase CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer here
Open BIM Gas Supply     Download Open BIM Gas Supply here
Electrical Systems
CYPELEC Networks     Download and purchase CYPELEC Networks here
CYPELEC Multiline     Download CYPELEC Multiline here
CYPELEC Distribution     Download CYPELEC Distribution here
CYPELEC Switchboard     Download CYPELEC Switchboard here
CYPELEC PV Systems     CYPELEC PV Systems
CYPELEC Core     Download CYPELEC Core here
CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms     Download CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms here
CYPELEC Grounding IEC     Download CYPELEC Grounding IEC here
CYPELEC Grounding IEEE     Download CYPELEC Grounding IEEE here
Open BIM Lightning     Download and purchase Open BIM Lightning here
CYPETEL Wireless     Download CYPETEL Wireless here
CYPETEL Schematics     Download CYPETEL Schematics here
CYPETEL Systems     Download CYPETEL Systems here
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