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“Open BIM ISOVER” is a free program for selecting insulation and fire protection products by the manufacturer ISOVER for HVAC ductwork in BIM projects.

The program is integrated into the Open BIM workflow, which means that it is able to read the building’s geometry created by any geometric generator working with IFC standards, and is completely integrated into the Open BIM workflow through the platform.

Starting off

To start working in the program, users must link the Open BIM ISOVER job to an existing project on the platform.

If it is connected to an existing project that includes an architectural model in an IFC format, “Open BIM ISOVER” will import this geometry. If the project also includes a BIM model with HVAC ductwork distribution (which may have been modelled with any software that works with IFC), a cover suggestion will be generated for each element and will be based on the selection by default.


HVAC ductwork insulation system modelling

The program will read the HVAC ductwork distribution located in the project, as well as its dimensions, and will allow them to be covered with the insulation material selected in the ISOVER catalogue.

Users have access to a wide range of insulations for each element along with the specifications that define them.

The program will allow this selection to be modified according to fire protection requirements (analysed in CYPEFIRE CTE), and thermal insulation requirements (calculated according to the Spanish code RITE for the energy performance of buildings).

The selection of insulation material will be guided so users know whether the selected product satisfies the standard requirements at all times.



“Open BIM ISOVER” offers users:


  • A material report (materials schedule).
  • A report of calculation and regulation checks.


Open BIM workflow

As well as importing the aforementioned architectural model, “Open BIM ISOVER” imports the information of the ductwork modelled in any other software that works in IFC and the fire protection requirements calculated by means of CYPEFIRE CTE.

This data flow is converted, as well as saving time when entering data in each of the project phases, into a decrease in the chance of making mistakes in the architectural changes.


More information

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